Quarrying & Minerals


Johnson Poole & Bloomer's roots lie in the extractive industries, working on matters of minerals town and country planning, exploration geology, open pit design, minerals management and valuation services.


The firm's Chartered Mineral Surveyors, Geologists, Geotechnical and Environmental Engineers combine to provide a comprehensive consultancy and design service to the minerals industry and to mineral estate owners and regulators.


Our Minerals-Related Services Include...

Minerals planning

  1. Advice on national and local minerals planning policy and making representations to protect the client's interests.

  2. Planning appraisals and Applications.

  3. Environmental Impact Assessments.

  4. Expert evidence and professional Representation.

Minerals Management Services

  1. Leases, Licences and Commercial Negotiations.

  2. Compulsory purchase negotiations, wayleave and lease reviews.

  3. Rent and Royalty reviews.

  4. Terrier Preparation/Management.


  1. Asset and company valuations of all types, from individual small sites to major valuations subject to Stock Exchange criteria.

  2. 'Mining Code' advice and valuations where mineral workings approach railways, canals, pipelines and other protected installations.

Resource and Geotechnical Assessment

  1. Geological and geotechnical exploration and interpretation.

  2. Mineral resource evaluation.

Excavation and Restoration Design

  1. Optimised design proposals for Mineral Extraction and Earthmoving industries.

  2. 3D CADD Design and Fly-Throughs.

  3. Slope and tip stability, geotechnical assessments.

Restoration and Aftercare

  1. Advice on abandoned or exhausted minerals facilities, including environmental liability, aftercare, land use considerations, and disposal opportunities.

  2. Monitoring of post-restoration site performance.

  3. Design of quarry and mine sites for innovative leisure-related after use.

Environmental Monitoring

  1. Monitoring services during and after the life of a mine or quarry.

  2. Monitoring of noise, dust, water and ground gases.