Environmental Issues

Environmental Issues

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Environmental Due Diligence @ JPB

Due diligence audits are an essential tool in the assessment of an operational site's saleability or viability. Whilst Health & Safety and Financial audits are routinely carried out, the assessment of the site against environmental liability is often forgotten.

Environmental liabilities associated with ownership of a site can often run to significant sums, and may provide a 'deal breaking' obstacle.

Environmental Due Diligence Audits assess these neglected issues and allow a full determination of the site's value and liabilities to be made.

Due Diligence Audits

Environmental Setting - identification of potential migration pathways and receptors.

Assessment of Key Processes and Operations (including historic) for their potential to cause pollution.

Pollutant Linkage Assessment for the site and its environmental setting (i.e. consideration of source-pathway-receptor models).

Consideration of the effectiveness of environmental control measures employed.

Examination of compliance with all relevant environmental legislation.

Overview of waste disposal, hazardous materials management and emissions.

Systematic examination of the interaction between business operations and the environment.

Qualitative Risk Assessment based on the findings from archive research, regulatory searches and site reconnaissance.

Recommendations to enhance environmental performance.

A mechanism whereby these liabilities can be managed on a long term basis.

A baseline against which future environmental performance can be gauged.

Environmental Risk Management @ JPB

A company embracing these concepts may greatly enhance its image within the market sector. It may also achieve significant cost savings in areas such as waste reduction disposal, lowered insurance premiums and general operational efficiencies, and lessen the risk of pollution incidents and fines.

Environmental legislation and regulation affects the operations of businesses on a daily basis. Johnson Poole & Bloomer can assist with compliance and identify areas where environmental risk can be managed and reduced, leading to operational cost savings.

Risk Management Services

Identification and Assessment of Risk and Liability  

Desk Studies.
Due Diligence Audits.
Contamination Identification and Modelling.
Mine workings identification.
Asbestos Surveys.

Management of Risk and Liability  

Design and Supervision of Remedial Works.
Ground Stabilisation.
Asbestos Management Plans.
Improvements in Site Management.
Environmental Management Systems
Environmental Insurance.

Minimisation of Risk and Liability  

Reduced Environmental Liabilities.
Reduced Insurance Premiums.
Increased Efficiency.
Waste Reduction.
Asbestos Surveys.

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